It is with great sadness to announce our founder and mother, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Roy Ott passed away on May 19, 2020. Liz worked with gusto in real estate and founded the Relogroup in the early 90’s. Liz was instrumental in helping open the Northwest Market Center for Keller Williams, and she did this ALL while raising her 11 children. Liz became known as ‘The Queen’ of the Northwest Market Center as well as a maven, a legend and an icon of the Austin real estate market. In 2019, Liz officially retired after 50+ years in real estate, receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from Keller Williams. Over the course of her career, Liz received more top producer awards than we can ever begin to imagine.

Liz was a visionary when it came to relocation, she knew Austin with it’s unique appeal, wonderful outdoor life, and it’s vibrant music scene would bloom and grow bringing clients from all over the world. Liz blazed the trail by signing up with the Employee Relocation Council and registering as a relocation professional in the Austin area. This exposure, along with her maintained relationships with relocation professionals from her time in Ohio real estate, led to Liz connecting with clients from most of the major technology employers in Austin. Companies such as AMD, Dell, 3M and Applied Materials were among the first to benefit from Liz’s tenacious work ethic.

Over the next 30 years, Liz honed her skills and grew her small 2 person relocation business, known as the Relogroup, into the dynamic Ott Group, a 10 member team, working with multiple relocation companies, and some of Austin’s biggest companies, Apple, Home Depot, Indeed and Intel. Liz instilled her love of real estate into her children, several of whom followed her into the real estate business. Chris Ott and Theresa Ott Boisseau, are the principal members of the Ott Group. Chris and Theresa have used the life long lessons Liz taught them about treating everyone as family to grow the Ott Group into one of Keller Williams top producing Austin groups. The relationships that Liz started over 30 years ago still flourish today, many of the relocation companies Liz inked agreements with still operate using the Ott Group.

Liz was so good at what she did, clients who transferred to Austin over the years, called Liz back when they wanted to upgrade or move. Liz treated every client like family. It’s just this simple, Liz Ott loved what she did and brought that joy and passion to each transaction over the years. Liz’s zest for life, laughter, guidance and knowledge will be sorely missed by those of us at the Ott Group but we will continue to make her proud by following her example.