Thinking about putting your home on the market? Don't wait until after the holidays to sell!

It is that time of year again when homeowners are faced with the decision to put their home on the market for the first time now, or wait until after the holidays. Others who currently have their home on the market also sometimes decide to take it off the market until after the holiday season. Here are 6 important reasons why you should not wait:

Austin's market is stable and holding strong. As reported by the Austin Business Journal, the Multi-Indicator Market Index by Freddie Mac says Austin has one of the most stable housing markets in the country. Austin is currently the second most stable, Fresno, CA is the first, with a healthy composit score of 96.6!

Relocation buyers are out there all year long. Austin's healthy market is related to our strong employment driving demand for real estate. Companies are not concerned about the holidays and often offer relocation packages to their employees to get them moved and settled ASAP.

Buyers looking for homes during the holidays are serious buyers and are ready to buy. They’re willing to alter their holiday schedules and brave bad weather to get into a home. These are the kinds of buyers that home sellers dream about. They want to move right away and are willing to spend significant money to relieve their anxiousness about getting on with the home buying process as quickly as possible.

Worried about the inconvenience of showings during the busy holiday season? Remember, you are still in control of the showing times of your home. Also, internet searches during the holidays surge. Homes advertised correctly online during this time get significantly more exposure than the average home, and those sellers that are taking a break from being on the market are as good as non-existent to the online buyer.

Homes often show better when decorated for the holidays. Homes often look their best during the holidays, but sellers should be careful not to overdo it on the decor. Adornments that are too large or too many can crowd your home and distract buyers. Also, avoid offending buyers by opting for general fall and winter decorations rather than items with religious themes.

There is also less competition for you as a seller during the holidays. The home seller who is on the market in an area with very few comparable homes can often stick strongly to the price they’re hoping to get. Without a reasonable number of similar, competitive listings for buyers to visit, the seller is in a unique position of power because of the scarcity of comparable homes.

Bottom line is there is no better time than NOW to sell your home. Contact the Relogroup today to find out the value of your home!