With the inventory of homes on the market today, homebuyers can afford to be choosy. Buyers are looking for the best, so a home for sale can easily slip through the cracks if it's not in pristine condition. Use these tips to whip your home into shape and wow potential buyers.

Curb Appeal is crucial to a good first impression. A sloppy exterior will make buyers think you've slacked off on interior maintenance as well. 

- Be sure to clean the gutters and pressure wash your home's siding.  

- Make sure the bushes are all trimmed.

- Re-mulch or replace stone walkways and paths.

- Remove any dead plants and trees, and aerate your lawn so it will be lush.

- Pressure wash the driveway, the front walk, and the exterior of your home.

- Have the windows cleaned.

Make the front door inviting. A fresh coat of paint, especially in a color that contrasts with the home, will make the front door stand out. Replace faded house numbers so buyers can see them from the curb. Buy a new welcome mat.

Make repairs.  You want your home to be in the best condition possible.  A suggestion may be to have your home pre-inspected so you know everything that's wrong upfront and repair accordingly. Tiny flaws you've ceased to notice in your own home like a loose doorknob or a window that won't open can stick out in buyers' minds and make them think, 'What else is broken here?’ 

Make minor renovations and improvements. The bathrooms and kitchen tend to be a focal point in the homes, and buyers pay attention to whether or not they've been updated. Rather than replace the kitchen cabinets, just replace the doors or repaint the cabinets instead. Doing little things like re-grouting the tile on the bathroom floor, or caulking the shower and bathtub, can give a used bathroom a fresher look. Something as simple as a new faucet can also give your bathrooms and kitchen an updated look without breaking the bank.

Remove clutter and depersonalize. Buyers want to envision their belongings in your home.  Keep it neat, reduce the amount of clutter you have on shelves and surfaces, and depersonalize as much as you can.  This is the time to begin packing and organizing your personal items.  The idea is to showcase your home without distracting from it.

Organize closets. Messy closets give the appearance that your home doesn't have enough storage space.

Let natural light flood the rooms. Buyers want homes to be light and bright, so replace your light bulbs or even add a lamp or two to lighten it up. Also, when your home is being shown make sure all the lights are on and the blinds are open. 

Make every surface shine. From ceiling fans to floors and everything in between, clean your home until it sparkles.

Paint with whites and neutrals. You might like your lime-green bedroom, but it may sour buyers. A new coat of paint is a relatively cheap and easy way to give an instant facelift to your house.

Eliminate bad odors. The smell of pets, cooked food and tobacco can kill a home sale. Textiles such as carpet and throw rugs hold odors.  Have carpets professionally cleaned or replaced depending on the damage.  Hide the litter box and spray air neutralizer throughout your home.  When showing the home, fill it with inviting smells by putting out fresh flowers and baking a batch of cookies.

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